Well, I have a confession- I am really, really growing fond of Simon. Dude went nuts last episode! And I always seem to enjoy the guy every time he is on my screen, really good actor. I really hope they don't kill him off, as he has been one of the best characters over the past few seasons imo. Better villain than Negan if you ask me, and I'm looking forward to seeing them have their fallout.

I also think the Carl death was just total shite. What a waste of an important character. In the comics he is the future of the apocolypse, I don't like that they killed him off for some cheap heat. That doctor he saved better be important going ahead.

I imagine the trash woman will play some huge role going forward. They lingered on her too much last episode- a big foreshadowing.

Also, wth happened with the Helicopter Rick saw a bunch of episodes ago? He never even mentioned it to anyone in the show (thats not news in an apocolypse?!?) And then in trash city there is a landing pad? Connected? I certainly hope the helicopter wasnt just some haphazard loose end.

Also to back up a bit, I freaking love Morgan too. I liked him in season one, then again in season 3. I loved his character building episode in season 5(?), and since he has decided to kill he has shown why he is such a badass character. He said himself a season or two ago that he can't die, and I think in his mind he thinks that because he is being punished by God. But I think he thinks that also because God has a mission for him. When he ripped that Saviors guts out that might have been one of, if not the biggest badass moment. Even Carol looked like she shit herself over it lol. Im almost tempted to get into FWD just to watch Morgan. Has he started on that show yet?

The show is dipping in quality, but it is still enjoyable overall. Im just not fond of how much they are dragging things out lately. It feels like the main plot crawls forward like 5 minutes per episode. It would be nice if they just hammered through it already. They only have what, 5 more episodes this season?