Well sure they knew they'd run into the issue, and they knew people would shell out for the extra card too. Wouldn't be surprised if it nets them extra profit in the end, though it's the kind of dick move that could decrease the customer base long term.

Just recently play through two games:

First, Observer. The follow up game to Layers of Fear, which I liked a lot, instead of being straight horror Observer is heavily cyberpunk, with some influence being drawn from Blade Runner in terms of the overall world while still remaining distinctive (though it does star Rutger Hauer). I was a little mixed on the game itself. You play as a cop who winds up trapped in a sprawling apartment complex during a quarantine lockdown. The game is mostly exploring the building, looking for clues, and interviewing the various tenants. The interviews were pretty interesting and the visual design was good, though the looking for clues aspect was pretty tedious at times. There are two different "scan" modes and the screen warbles annoyingly every time you switch, and you will switch a LOT. There were some interesting side quests, though they often didn't seem to resolve satisfactorily. The main story was more a little convoluted but still held my interest all the way through. There are also levels where you have to hack into the brains of murder victims, which are very surreal and pretty damn cool visually, though they are a little overlong at times and the novelty can wear off if you get stuck at all. In the end I'm not sure if I'd recommend it or not, it was interesting but perhaps a little pretentious at times and at other times probably trying a little too hard. There is a mini-game that is super fun though, I was at times more excited about finding the next level of that as opposed to continuing the story!

Secondly, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I like this one quite a bit, better than Observer in the end. You wake up in a castle with no memories, and a note apparently written by you instructing you to kill the owner of the castle and assuring you the memory loss was something you chose for yourself, for mysterious reasons. It's somewhat similar to Observer in that a lot of the game is exploring and puzzle solving, and also in that there isn't any real combat and the enemies that exist are avoided rather than fought. It's definitely more of a straight horror game, but not one that blasts you with jump scares or anything. It's very atmospheric and mysterious, and I really enjoyed figuring out the story slowly through various notes and such that you find lying around. Heavily influenced by Lovecraft, which also works for me. The game dipped a bit for me towards the ending as you start discovering some really grisly torture devices, and the game seems to take a weird pleasure in explaining each one to you in extreme detail. That kind of ruined the atmosphere for me, as it seemed like it was suddenly trying way too hard. The final level was also a little disappointing, as you can get multiple endings but it wasn't explained especially well what to do in order to get each one, or why you should want to. Overall I would still recommend it, a very tense yet fun game that delivered for the most part.

Also recently watched my brother play through Infamous 2 for the first time, and it looked just as fun as I remembered it. Great gameplay, good story, just overall a very fun experience.