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  1. The Devil's Advocate: Some Dragons Are Real
  2. [RAY IS WAR]: Match Game
  3. The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan, Complete & Unabridged
  4. How to save this mess, aka...Booking Bailey on RAW and...what Pokemon is she?
  5. HKK Great 5: 5. A Truly One In A Life Time Star: In defence of Cena and Esp Reigns
  6. Monday Night Awards! 15th Feburary 2016 + Fast Lane Predictions
  7. How to save this mess, aka...Order of Operations Error
  8. State of the CF- January 2016
  9. HKK: Great 5: Part 5: Section 2: In Depth Focused Analogy Of The Rock!
  10. Welcome to the Underground 2.4: Rivalries Explode, and So Does Joey Ryan
  11. The Devil's Advocate: Me Serva Ex Memet Ipso
  12. Wrestling 3.0 with eldandy: HOW (and Where and When) We Watch...
  13. Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk - Total Nonstop Atrophy and Me
  14. Kingzak presents: FastLane 2016 Predictions
  15. Where Are They Now (4th Age: 2 Column, 2 Day Trilogy)
  16. Unsanitary Truth Sauce: The Television Ratings are Hilariously Stupid
  17. How to save this mess, AKA...Road to Despair
  18. Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk - Making Lemonade
  19. Monday Night Awards! 22nd Feburary 2016
  20. [RAY IS WAR]: We Are The Authority
  21. How to save this mess, AKA...Money Shot
  22. PWF(Pro wrestling federation)
  23. The Unofficial Columns Forum 2015 Top Trumps
  24. Smarks Court: Shane vs Taker or Nah?
  25. Undertaker's Adversary Exposes WWE's Biggest Failing
  26. Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk - Life in the Fastlane
  27. PWF (week II)
  28. The One Room Schoolhouse: Rumbling Down The Fastlane II
  29. Wrestling 3.0 with eldandy: WHO We Watch
  30. The Lost Boy: The One That Drove It Home
  31. Kingzak Presents: PPV-Star of the year 2015 Part 4
  32. How to save this mess, AKA...The one with 50% recaps
  33. A Complete History of the Monday Night War - July 1998
  34. Fantasy Booking Monday Night Raw 7th March 2016
  35. Kingzak Presents: PPV-Star of the year 2015 Part 5
  36. Monday Night Awards! 7th March 2016
  37. How to save this mess, AKA...The Cookie-Cutter Episode
  38. The King's Corner: Why Nothing Makes Sense, AKA: Road to Roadblock
  39. The Lost Boy: The One That's Perfect
  40. Runnin' Wild: Fear & Loathing
  41. Chopbox: Jive Talking
  42. How to save this mess, aka...Ranking NXT's graduates and prospects
  43. Royal Ramblings 7: Hitting a Roadblock
  44. The King's Corner: Half Ass Review of Roadblock (Now With More Extra Thoughts)
  45. Wrestling God presents: WM32 can be WM17, and how Roman Reigns is screwed
  46. Chair Shots Presents: DOA 2016- DOA vs. The World
  47. How to save this mess, aka...Road to WrestleMania begins
  48. Monday Night Awards! 14th March 2016 (Mini Edition)
  49. The Devil's Advocate: The Kids Aren't All Wyatt
  50. The King's Corner: The Greatest Story Triple H Ever Told
  51. The Main Event Vol. 1 - The Debut
  52. Turn Lukewarm Wrestlemania Water into Summerslam Champagne
  53. Prime Time on Wrestling XVI - Reading the World of Wrestling
  54. State of the CF - February
  55. The Main Event Vol. 2 - The Follow-Up
  56. Chair Shots Presents: DOA vs. The World 2016 (The Semifinals)
  57. How to save this mess, AKA...Top Heavy
  58. Monday Night Awards! 21st March 2016 - Special Positive Awards Week
  59. The Main Event Vol. 3 - The Bad Guys Have All The Fun
  60. Welcome to the Underground 2.9: Aztec Warfare II (All Hell Breaks Loose)
  61. [RAY IS WAR] That'll Put Butts In The Seats...
  62. The Outsider's Edge: WrestleMania 32 Dailies
  63. Chair Shots Presents: It’s Wrestlemania Week, Shouldn’t I Be More Excited?
  64. The Main Event Vol. 4 - The Wrestler
  65. Kingzak Presents: PPV-Star of the year 2015 Part 6 (3 Day Series)
  66. What Breaking Bad can teach Vince
  67. Monday Night WrestleMania! 28th March 2016
  68. How to save this mess, AKA...Leati Joseph Anoaʻi
  69. The Main Event Vol. 5 - Wrestlemania Provides An Opportunity To Have A Clean Slate
  70. How to save this mess, aka...WrestleMania is upon us
  71. Wrestling 3.0 with eldandy: WHAT We Watch
  72. NXT Takeover Dallas makes hardcore wrestling fans proud to be one
  73. Kingzak Presents: WrestleMania 32 Predictions
  74. How to save this mess, AKA...We can't save this mess
  75. How Wrestlemania Was Booked (Probably, Who Cares)
  76. [RAY IS WAR]: Wrestle-Meh-Nia
  77. Chair Shots Presents: The Gatekeeper of the WWE
  78. The Devil's Advocate: Ladies First
  79. Monday Night Awards! 4th April 2016 + WrestleMania Thoughts
  80. How to save this mess, AKA...Small Favors
  81. The Lost Boy: The One That Changed My View
  82. Welcome to the Underground 2.11: Unlikely Alliances
  83. How to save this mess, AKA...NXT Call-ups
  84. First Post (chinks in the armor)
  85. The King's Corner: The Heroes We Deserve, Not The Heroes We'll Get
  86. The Main Event Vol. 6 - Prestige (Titles Are Important!)
  87. Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk - Grammar School Girls
  88. How to save this mess, AKA...Ongoing
  89. Monday Night Not Awards! 11th April 2016 - Who's The 3rd Man? Special Edition
  90. Chair Shots Presents: The Best Tag-Team Division in Wrestling, WWE or Ring of Honor?
  91. The King's Corner: The WWE Power Rankings
  92. Welcome to the Underground 2.12: The Quest for Lucha Gold
  93. Kingzak Presents: PPV-Star of the year 2015 Part 7 (Another 3 Day Series)
  94. The Main Event Vol. 7 - Please Bring Back...
  95. Monday Night Awards! 18th April 2016
  96. The Main Event Vol. 8 - The Mega-Stars Trilogy (Episode 1 - Heores And Villians)
  97. Welcome
  98. Ninth Wonder
  99. Welcome to the Underground 2.13: Death Begets Death
  100. State of the CF - March 2016
  101. WWE Lords of Pain Brand Split- Burn1nMyLight
  102. WWE LordsofPain Brand Split - Rayhagan1
  103. Monday Night Awards! 25th April 2016 + Payback Predictions
  104. The Wrestlers Song-Part One: Stressed Out
  105. Welcome to the Underground 2.14: Cage....in a Cage!
  106. Aftermath of Bran Split- NXT as 3rd brand led by Shane
  107. WWE Lords of Pain Brand Split - TheImplications
  108. Avery, Avery, Wherefore Art Thou, Avery?
  109. Kingzak presents: Payback 2016 Predictions
  110. Half Luck, Half Skul: WrestleMania Seconds vs. A Fresh Dessert
  111. A Complete History of the Monday Night War - August 1998
  112. The Main Event Vol. 9 - I Miss...
  113. The Bored Series (Daily Until Less Apathy)
  114. Kingzak Presents: PPV-Star of the year 2015 Part 8
  115. Half Luck, Half Skul: There's No "I" In League
  116. Cold Knowledge: The Introduction
  117. Welcome to the Underground 2.15: No F'ing Mas!
  118. Inspection of the Divisions!
  119. The Main Event Vol. 10 - Crowds Are Important
  120. The Pencil: Booking Leicester City
  121. Chair Shots Presents: Bullet Club- Best Faction Ever or Total Train Wreck?
  122. Monday Night Awards! 9th May 2016
  123. The Main Event Vol. 11 - Fuck All The Haters: I'm The Guy And I Approve This Message
  124. Half Luck, Half Skul: Buried Treasure
  125. Welcome to the Underground 2.16: Graver Consequences
  126. How to save this mess, AKA...WrestleMania Should Be Free
  127. The Main Event Vol. 12 - WWE And The DC Universe
  128. Monday Night Awards! 16th May 2016 + The Booty O's Panda!
  129. The King's Corner: Something Ventured, Nothing Gained
  130. Welcome to the Underground 2.17: A New Gift of the Gods Champion is Crowned
  131. Kingzak presents: Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions
  132. The Main Event Vol. 13 - WWE And The Marvel Universe
  133. Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk - NXT and Me
  134. The Lost Art of The Surprise Return
  135. Monday Night Awards! 23rd May 2016
  136. Half Luck, Half Skul: Smoke and Mirrors
  137. How to save this mess, AKA...Character Report Cards
  138. Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk - How Do You Solve Your Problems? With Maria!
  139. Welcome to the Underground 2.18: PJ and Jack's Excellent Adventure
  140. The Main Event Vol. 14 - Dean Ambrose, The Middle Child
  141. Unsanitary Truth Sauce: Characters Kinda Welcome.
  142. Kleck Reviews: CHW 6 Man Genie In A Lamp Ladder Match II!!
  143. Kingzak Presents King of the RNG 3
  144. Monday Night Awards! 30th May 2016
  145. Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk - Splitter!
  146. Half Luck, Half Skul: The Next Big Streak!
  147. Welcome to the Underground 2.19: Monster vs. Machine
  148. A Complete History of the Monday Night War - The Third Thought
  149. The Outsider's Edge - New Era Predictions
  150. Kingzak presents: Takeover: The End Predictions
  151. Welcome to the Underground 2.20: Opportunity Strikes 12
  152. How to save this mess, aka...NXT The End Something Something
  153. Hot Off The Shooting Star Press - Tonight i Cried
  154. TMI - Post Traumatic YES Disorder (Waving Daniel Goodbye)
  155. Monday Night Awards! 13th June 2016
  156. Cold Knowledge: Time Restraints
  157. The Main Event Vol. 15 - WWE Is Bad For Kids
  158. Welcome to the Underground 2.21: Six to Survive
  159. The Pencil: Booking Borussia Dortmund
  160. Kingzak presents: Money in the Bank 2016 Predictions
  161. The Main Event Vol. 16 - Money In The Bank Predictions
  162. Monday Night Awards! 20th June 2016
  163. How to save this mess, AKA...Pre-Draft Workout
  164. The King's Corner: Not a Bad Rant, Not a Good Rant, but THE Rant
  165. The Main Event Vol. 17 - Congratufuckinglations Dean
  166. Welcome to the Underground 2.22: Fame and Fortune
  167. Struggle For Power - The Dominion
  168. The CF Underworld (part 1): Let Me Fly
  169. Chair Shots Presents: Nine Years
  170. Monday Night Awards! 27th June 2016
  171. Cold Knowlege: Post Draft WWE, The Series
  172. Welcome to the Underground 2.23: The Dragon, The Phoenix and the Spaceman
  173. The CF Underworld (part 2): Dear Dean Ambrose
  174. Dr. StrangeMcMahon or: How I learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb
  175. Monday Night Awards! 4th July 2016
  176. How to save this mess, AKA...Red, White, and Boring
  177. Crunch Time #53: This Month in WWE
  178. Welcome to the Underground 2.24: Ultima Lucha Dos (4 A Unique Opportunity)
  179. Kleck Reviews: TNA's Final Deletion!
  180. How to save this mess, AKA...2016>2002
  181. The Main Event Vol. 18 - Inspiration
  182. The Lost Boy: The One That Sparked A New Passion
  183. Monday Night Awards! 11th July 2016
  184. RAW Thoughts- 07-12-2016
  185. Welcome to the Underground 2.25: Ultima Lucha Dos Part Dos (Life and Death)
  186. The Main Event Vol. 19 - What I Would Like To See Come Out Of Splitting The Brands
  187. The Pencil: Booking Ali vs Frazier
  188. Burn1nMyLight and TheImplications- The Wager
  189. A Manifesto for Creative in a new era- 10 changes to WWE presentation
  190. The King's Corner: Daniel Bryan - BURIED AGAIN!!
  191. Welcome to the Underground 2.26: Ultima Lucha Dos (2-Hour Season Finale)
  192. The Outsider's Edge - Rey and Kervin's Post Draft Thoughts presented by Roger Goodell
  193. Kingzak presents: Battleground 2016 Predictions
  194. Cold Knowledge: Battleground 2016 Predictions
  195. TMR -- Searching for Some Tinder Loving Care
  196. Tales from the Underground: The Following Lucha Is Scheduled For One Fall
  197. [RAY IS WAR]: Smile
  198. WWE Awards! 25th July 2016 - The New Era of The New Era!
  199. The King's Corner: The Takeaways of the Week
  200. A Complete History of the Monday Night War - September 1998
  201. Makin’ The Tag – The Apology (NEW COLUMN)
  202. Chair Shots Presents: Hi I'm Smackdown, Please Be My Friend!
  203. WWEek In Review- 07/25/2016
  204. TMR -- Heavy Bitches (They‘re Weighing on My Conscience)
  205. Makin’ The Tag – Make Something Up
  206. The Main Event Vol. 20 - Wrestling Is REAL
  207. Makin’ The Tag – Creating True Fear
  208. WWE Awards! 1st August 2016
  209. My Raw Review
  210. Burn1nMyLight Argues- The Second Best Wrestling Country In The World, S.S. Style
  211. The King's Corner: The Takeaways of the Week (August 1-2)
  212. Come Undone
  213. Chair Shots Presents: Slaters Gonna Slate
  214. Makin’ The Tag – How to thrive as a failure
  215. An American Motion Sickness: The Search for Paco Alonso (Part 1)
  216. WWEek In Review- 08/03/2016
  217. Kingzak Presents King of the RNG 4
  218. The Main Event Vol. 21 - I Am Daniel! (How Spartacus = Daniel Bryan)
  219. Summerslam is Dolph’s Time to Show the World
  220. Cold Knowledge: Maybe, Just Maybe, We Were Wrong ..
  221. Makin’ The Tag – Jealousy looks ugly on you
  222. The Main Event Vol. 22 - Off-Season
  223. Chair Shots Presents: The CWC is Fire. Can the Flame Stay Lit?
  224. WWE Awards! 16th August 2016 - Imp's Back Babaay!
  225. Kingzak Presents: Summer Extravaganza 2
  226. Inside the Mind 124.25: You can keep an old dog down
  227. Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk - Titans who Tag
  228. AATG One Hitter: Ten
  229. Burn1nMyLight Argues- Summerslam was a mess
  230. Jesus, Bailey Looks Like Abe Vigoda
  231. [RAY IS WAR]: Coup De Grace or C'est La Vie?
  232. It's Still Real to Me Dammit: Take Over, Summer Slam & Raw Ramblings
  233. Cold Knowledge: A Solution To The Long WrestleMania & SummerSlam Weekend
  234. Chair Shots Presents: The Top 10 WWE Finishers and One Worst (A 2-Day Thingie)
  235. WWE Awards! 22nd August 2016
  236. 7 Things I Think I Think About SummerSlam 2016
  237. The 80's Wrestling Review #2
  238. Inside the Mind 121.6: Talking out my Ass
  239. How Summer Slam was Booked, Maybe
  240. All About the Game: Reload
  241. 7 Dishonorable Things I Think I Think
  242. Obsolete
  243. The Main Event Vol. 23 - What Do You Fear Most?
  244. The Lost Highways
  245. Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk - You Get a Title! And You Get a Title!
  246. Burn1nMyLight Argues- Which Brand Has The Best Roster?
  247. It's Still Real to Me Dammit: Brock Lesnar is Everything that Makes Wrestling Great
  248. The Outsider's Edge - Is Brock Lesnar Bad For Wrestling?
  249. WWE Awards! 29th August 2016 - Happy Fun Time Edition! (In Memory of Gene Wilder)
  250. Ruminations Upon A Weird Weekend, Insomnia, WCW Worldwide, Wet Hair and Booger Juice