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  1. ϹЅІ: 2018
  2. CSI: 2018 - Seeding
  3. CSI Qualifier: My World- Ep. 24/7
  4. (CSI Qualifier) All About The Game (Phat Pharm Debut!)
  5. CSI Qualifier- Funko Dojo Presents: My Developmental Diatribe
  6. CSI Qualifier - Ponds of Anarchy
  7. CSI Qualifier - Armageddon This Right?
  8. CSI Qualifier: I Hate That Kurt Angle Guy!
  9. CSI Qualifier - Boombox: Reasons to be Mero
  10. CSI Qualifier - Nothing Half So Melancholy
  11. CSI Qualifier. Sketch Speaks - K-Kwik will be the next big WWF Superstar.
  12. [CSI Qualifier] REQUESTING FLYBY: A Man Out Of Time, Or, Why Stone Cold's Face No Longer Fits
  13. CSI Qualifier: The Devil's Advocate presents The A to Z of 2000 - M is for Medal
  14. CSI Qualifier: Quantum Whoop Existence- Holla If You Save Me
  15. CSI Qualifier: The Stories that Defined the WWF in 2000 - The Rock Rising
  16. [CSI Qualifier] One Last Question
  17. CSI Qualifier: Tell Me A Lie
  18. [CSI Qualifier] The King of Stats presents the 2000 WWF Superstar of the Year
  19. CSI Qualifier: Vince
  20. CSI Qualifier: Sittin' Pretty with eldandy: We Want Blood! We Don't Want Sawdust!
  21. [CSI Qualifier] Under The Fleece: Episode 00 - What a difference a year makes
  22. [CSI Qualifier] Under The Bright Lights - Matthews 3:16 Says Stone Cold Steve Austin Sucks
  23. CSI Qualifier - The Bright Side: Match of the Year 2000 Countdown Spectacular!!
  24. [CSI Qualifier] WWF vs WCW Worms Armageddon Match!
  25. [CSI Qualifier] Wrestling Rainbow ~ Taste My Sex Ed Essay
  26. [CSI Qualifier] Kingzak presents: Screw you, Last Year
  27. Nony's notes
  28. CSI: 2018 - The Group Stage
  29. CSI Group A Round 1
  30. [CSI Group A Round 1] The Bright Side: Monopoly
  31. [CSI Group C Round 1] Nothing But Net - The Knife of Hanging On
  32. [CSI Group B Round 1] Shakin’ Speary with eldandy: Verona Rumble
  33. [CSI Group D Round 1] Sir Sam's Court: WWE is Zeppelin
  34. [CSI Group D / Round 1] Taste My Retirement? (SkitZ' Swan Song)
  35. [CSI Group C Round 1] Spinmaster's Sexual Stint: Seamen!, Sirens! Squirtle?
  36. [CSI Group D Round 1] Behind The Music: WWE
  37. [CSI Group D, Round 1] - Doctor's Orders: The Notorious BRAAAAUUUUNNNN!!!
  38. CSI Group B Round 1 - Seth and Success, Act III, Scene I
  39. [CSI Group A, Round 1] REQUESTING FLYBY: The Key To The Kingdom
  40. [CSI Group B - Round 1] Romeo and Juliet - Wool-Crossed Lovers
  41. CSI Group C Round 1 - Sexploits
  42. [CSI Group A Round 1] TMTTTCITJTW
  43. [CSI Group C - Round 1] The Devil's Advocate - Valnourished
  44. CSI Group A Round 2: The Boomerang Prophecies LIX
  45. [CSI Group A Round 2] The CPR Presents: The Ultimate Canadian PPV
  46. [CSI Group A Round 2] Blitzschlag und der Heilige: Traumkampf
  47. [CSI Group C Round 2] DJ Goes to the Rumble: A Wish Fulfilling Journey Through a Magical World
  48. [CSI Group B Round 2] 101 WWE Matches To See If You Feel Like It # 18
  49. [CSI Group C Round 2]: Don't Try This at Home
  50. [CSI Group D, Round 2] CONFIDENTIAL - Authority Memo 000143: Operation Warhammer - HIGH PRIORITY
  51. [CSI Group D Round 2] Brotherhood
  52. [Group D Round 2 CSI] Doctor's Orders - The Shield: Hounds of Justice, Agents of Change
  53. CSI Group C Round 2 - Rating the 1992 Royal Rumble Using the Shithouse Scale
  54. CSI Group B Round 2 - Plannin' Poorly with 'Plan: 1997 is Inevitable
  55. [CSI Group A, Round 2] REQUESTING FLYBY: Bret and Bam Bam's Catalan Classic
  56. [CSI Group B Round 2] 101 WCW Matches To See Before You Die ~ #14 Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels
  57. [CSI Group C - Round 2] The Devil's Advocate - Prism
  58. [CSI Group A Round 3] WTF Maz? That's Going Too Far!
  59. CSI Group A Round 3: The Boomerang Prophecies LX: Fragility
  60. [CSI Group B Round 3] Sittin' Pretty with eldandy – I’m a fool; aloof am I
  61. [CSI Group A Round 3] The Bright Side: Master of 1,001 Holds
  62. [CSI Group D Round 3] Painless
  63. [CSI Group D Round 3] Sir Sam's Court: Taste The Pain
  64. CSI Group C Round 3 - Funch
  65. CSI Group B Round 3 - Deified
  66. [CSI Group C Round 3] A Thorough Examination of Wrestler Names as Seen Through The Lens of Wrestlers’ Names from The Wrestler (named 2008’s #4 film by Richard Roeper)
  67. [CSI Group D, Round 3] - Doctor’s Orders: The Great Irony of My Wrestling Fandom
  68. WWE.Com EXCLUSIVE! NXT Women’s Superstar Tia Youngblood Wants The WWE Universe To Choose Her New Finisher
  69. CSI 2018: Semi-Finals
  70. [CSI Semi-Finals] Valentines Day, Infidelity, Depression and a Busted Jack: My Glorified Text Message CSI Column
  71. [CSI Semi-Final] Nothing But Net - Bil·dungs·ro·man
  72. [CSI Semi Final] Doctor’s Orders: If Only Vince McMahon Liked Ice Cream
  73. [CSI Semi-Final] MazWithAPlan: The Ultimate WWE Matches You Won't See Before You Die